Sunday, October 12, 2014

2 months later...

 I feel as if the past two months have been a whirlwind.  But then always does!!  There has been some super sad moments and super exciting moments.  Four days before hitting the 2 year mark of my Dad's passing Chester Crandell, whom was another father figure in my life, passed away.  The news was shocking.  Then on my Dad's 2 year mark Frank Greer passed away.  Death is not an easy thing to filter through ones heart and mind.  My heart still goes out to these two families!!

 Chester Crandell's funeral

Frank Greer's Funeral

We sure were grateful to get to see some of our favorite people...Jon and Mandi Crandell...we just wish it had been under different circumstances!!

We also got to go to Amanda and Kimi's baby shower.  I have been so excited for these two sisters that were having the first 2 granddaughters for Ron and Melanie!(they just had em this week which I will post pics soon)

 We have got to play in some good rain storms!!  What is better than playing in the rain with some of your best friends??...I'd have to say NOTHING!!
 Taelee, Graci, and Maron(photo bombed by Miles)
 Miles and Rudger
Zach(photo bombed by Paul)

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