Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of school 2014...

 The first day of school is better than Christmas for me...I love getting back to a routine and being on a schedule!!  And to be honest...it's nice for the kids to have a break from each other and from me!  We seem to like each other a LOT more:) I can hardly believe that all but one of our kiddos goes to school.  

 Oldest to  Youngest
 My High Schoolers.  Don't let this photo fool you...they seldom get along!!
 Porter...7th Grade
 Michael...7th Grade
 My Junior Highers
 Miles, Caden, Morgon, & Mallori...the Mountain Meadows kids
 Miles...1st Grade
 Caden...3rd Grade
 Morgon...3rd Grade...don't ask!!
 Paul, Zach, and Amelia...the Capps Kids
 Paul...4th Grade
 Zach...4th Grade
 Amelia...6th Grade
 Maron...Mom School...she of course can't be left out!!
Maron & Amelia...sure love these two beauties!!

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debrajo said...

Yes, I fell off the earth. It's just because I was puking. Maybe I should be like you & adopt some instead of giving birth to all my children, haha! :)

Thanks for thinking about me, though.

I'm so surprised that all your kids look so much older. I shouldn't be surprised, but it kind of makes me sad. I've got to come hang out with you again before all of our kids are grown up!

Love you!