Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family Vacation

 It's been like three years since we took our kids on a family vacation.  We used to go every year but the bigger our family got the harder that became.  The past couple years Brandon and I would just go on a get away...but this year we felt like it was time for family time.  Since we are part of the WorldMark time share we were limited on sites that had availability.  We ended up in Indio, CA which was extremely HOT but a LOT of FUN!!!!!  They had awesome pool areas with kiddie pools and a splash pad, a game room with arcades, a movie theater, and lots of ducks roaming the property which my kids LOVED to feed.

 Maron on the splashpad
Porter, Ashley, Eva, Tristen, Amelia
What a good Daddy hanging out with his little princesses in the kiddie pool!
Mallori wasn't too sure what she thought about her dad throwing her in the air
This was a re-occurrence on the trip...Michael having to sit out because of behavior:(  
Caden belly flopping...for some reason my kids think that is fun!
Brandon throwing Zach
Morgon in the air
Princess Mallori
Mrogon holding on for dear life
I kinda like this guy...photobomber Tristen
Eva, Maron, and Ashley
I think this photo is hilarious!!...Michael walking off the edge
Then Michael belly flopping
spread out all over...i love that swimming wears them out!
Michael having to sit out at the beach
and again!!!
Porter and Brandon
Maron and Ashley...we were so grateful that Mike and Robyn agreed to let us fly Ashley out to go with us.  She was SO much help!!!! We sure love our Asheley Burns!!
Parker and Miles...the toothless wonders!!...We were excited that the Reidhead Family were able to join us.  It was fun having friends along. 
Amelia and Emmie
Maron and Porter
Miles loved boogie boarding
So did Zach
We can't have a family vacation without some fighting!!...Paul and Zach fighting over the boogie board!
LOVE this beautiful Reidhead Family!!
Miles was about to poop his I had to take this photo:)
Our crazy family!
Miles and Maron wiped out from all the swimming
What a sexy beast!!!!!

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