Sunday, October 12, 2014

I hope they call me on a mission...

 I love the influence that the full time Elders have on our family.  I've always loved the missionaries...I think that stems from having 7 brothers that served.  I still remember, at the age of 3, watching my brother Dave get on the plane.  It had a great effect on me back then.  I'm grateful for worthy young men who are willing to give up 2 years of their lives to share the gospel.  I feel that missionaries can have just as much influence on member families as they do nonmembers.   Through the years we've stayed in touch with many young men that served in the Heber area.  I of course have my favorites, but then again I have my favorites with everything.  

My favorite just went home on Saturday.  Thank heavens he only lives like 7 hours away so we can see him soon!! Heber was lucky enough to have Elder Johnson serve here the beginning and end of his mission.  Our Maron has been in love with him since the day we met him.  Thank you Elder Johnson for allowing us to be apart of your life and for your testimony and example!!! 
We love our Elder Johnson!!

 Ask Maron who her boyfriend is..."it's Elder Johnson!'

 Always having a good time
 Deep in thought
 Elder Johnson has always had the ability to make everyone feel special...especially his greeny struggling companions!
 Saying goodbye stinks!!

 Miss Maron still has a hard time understanding that he has gone home, and that his home is in Utah!!

It was sad saying goodbye to this funny goofy kid...Elder Byington was one of a kind!!

 We only got to have Elder Baxter here for 2 short weeks.  We instantly connected with him as well.  At first he comes off as being shy...then he opens up and he is completely the opposite.  We were sad to see him leave, but we hope he will get to come back at some point in his mission!

 And then there is Elder Strong...he is currently still serving here and we love him!  He, as well, is so good to our kids.  He's a great young man and sets a great example for others!!!

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Debra Jo Borden said...

Okay, now that is a funny picture with all the kids hanging on Elder Strong's legs! Love it!

I love the elders, too - they are wonderful & I get upset when they're not popping in at our house very often. :)