Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yankee Meadows...

 These are LONG overdue but I need to make sure they make it in our family blog book.  Here are the pictures that highlight the Martineau Family Reunion that we had up by Parowan, Utah back in July.  We had a great time and I especially enjoyed the no cell phone service and just being able to relax for a few days.  I have been blessed with amazing in-laws and we appreciated all of Michelle's hard work that she put into putting it all together!!!

 Always Reading!

 Miles was excited to find a cow patty!

 Porter was my great hunter killing all sorts of little creatures with his BB-Gun!

 Porter and Amelia getting ready for a 3 legged race

 Conol, Cody, Bodie, Cael, Tristen, Amelia, Brandon, Miles, Maron, & Nevin

 Eva & Emily

 Papa & Maron


 Paul, Miles, and Zach

 Brandon while on our hike up Vermillion Castle Trail

 us again

 and again...super glad this guy will go hiking with me!

 Reenacting a scene from the Goonies

 Family pic outside Mammoth Cave

 Joy, Lila, and Caleb

 Morgon, Paul, Penny, Brian, Caden, Amelia, Zach, Michael, & Tristen

 Bodie, Cody, Dusty, and Russ

 The grandkids!

Carving our names in a HUGE aspen!

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debrajo said...

Aw! That's sweet that your names are carved in a tree! You guys have a great family!