Monday, September 24, 2012

welcome home...

 Elder JT Slade returned home from the Washington DC South mission back on August 16th.  He wasn't suppose to fly in until the 17th, but with my dad's passing his mission president arranged for him to fly home a day early so it wouldn't interfere with the funeral arrangements and so he could be here with the family.  It was the rainbow after the storm...such a bitter sweet week for our family!  All of us siblings were there with the majority of our kids.  It is always fun to see how much these young men grow in the 2 years they are gone!!  

JT...Thank you for setting such an amazing example for our 8 future missionaries.  We love you more than you will ever know and are so grateful for the young man that you are!!

 Jami...the anticipation was killing her!

 Maryssa, Jessi, and Aunt Melz

 Callie, Brooklyn, Brock, and Emma

 the cute cousins and siblings patiently waiting!

 TY, Tyton, Nate, Kimball, and Trevor

 Jami and Tim


We have a tradition to pin a $1 bill on each kid, and if the return missionary can guess who the kid is then he gets to keep the money!!

 It was fun to watch other people waiting around wondering what this huge crowd of people is doing at the airport at midnight:)  One of the pictures I didn't post has a little oriental man in the middle of all of us wondering what the world we were doing and who we were waiting for!!

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debrajo said...

That's a great tradition! I think we'll need to start that when my brother comes back from his mission....