Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life Changing...

There are events in my life that I consider Life Changing. They come in different forms. There was the day I got married, the day my children were born, our adoption days, the days our children were sealed to us, when I finished a Ragnar, when I heard that my dad had stage 4 liver cancer, when I finished the half marathon, and many more.

On January 12th we got a call that they were taking Dad Martineau to the hospital and that they were thinking he was having a heart attack. This was another one of those days for me. I wasn't quite ready for this. I absolutely love my father-in-law and to think that he could be taken from us scared me. He underwent open heart surgery on January 16th and so far has been doing ok. It has been extremely hard for both Brandon and I to be so far away from them and to not be able to help out! I am extremely grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us by leaving him hear with us!

Miles and Grandpa Martineau

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Kristal said...

I'm sorry about your FIL. I know the feeling about being so far away and wanting to cry because you can't be there to do anything. I hope he continues to get better. Sending some good vibes your way:)