Friday, December 31, 2010

FiNaLlY...a GOOD snow!!

We FINALLY got a good snow!! This winter has been really weird with how warm it has been. I really wanted a white Christmas....but I will take the week after too!!

As much as I LOVE the snow...I HATE the mess. Well, it's not even really the's the kids begging to go play in it and 2 minutes later begging to come back in cause it's TOO cold!! kids got to play in it ONCE:)

Tessa, Macie, Eva, Paul, Miles, Morgon, Amelia, and Caden

Miles trying to decide if he likes it or not

Crazy Amelia

Paul begged the most to go play in it and cried the worse to come in:) This kid cracks me up!!
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cturley said...

Oh I feel the same way!! I HATE the dang mess!! Glad we got a little snow though, but it can go away now :)

The Johnson Family said...

These are such fun pictures!! We were supposed to come up but the road was closed, so we were stuck. I am still hoping to squeeze in lunch with you sometime this year.

Shawna said...

I say this all the time but WOW I can't imagine dressing kids for snow at your house!! Looks like they had fun!

debrajo said...

The snow really looks so beautiful. We should have come up to play in it, but oh, yeah, the roads were blocked for DAYS. And I kind of like 70 degree weather in January, : )