Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Experience of a Lifetime!!

Words Cannot Explain How I Feel Right Now...a few months ago my good friend, Lori Nelson, came by my house and asked me to be a part of the So Cal Ragnar Team she was putting together. I didn't really know what to say to her since Ragnar Teams are usually filled with amazing runners like, Sara, Nikki, Lori, Marinda, Karleen, Deni, etc. I went ahead and accepted the challange. I have been training, in my opinion, very hard for this event over the past few months. Along with my AMAZING sister, we put in lots of hours running 'Stonebridge', 'Artist Draw', and 'Rocky Draw'.

Let me explain what exactly a Ragnar Relay is for those of you who don't know...

#1. You find 12 people crazy enough to want to run, or even enjoy to run!
#2. You divide them in half and put 6 in one vehicle and the other 6 in another vehicle.
#3. You drive to Southern California, hence the name 'So Cal Ragnar', and meet in Ventura, California.
#4. You make sure your team has a HIGH CARB dinner the night before.
#5. You TRY to get a good night sleep the night before, but your nerves aren't very nice to you:)!!
#6. Van #1, which was Me, Jami, Lori Nelson (our team captian), Melody Whipple, Robbi Hanock, and Heather Sulzer, leaves our hotel at 5:30am so we can make our start time of 6:30am!!
#7. 6:30am...Robbi is off!
#8. Each runner in our van runs their first leg and we hand off to Van #2!!
#9. Van #2, Marinda & Reese, Shawna & Bruce, and Kelli & Spencer, which are ALL speed demons, finish their first legs and they hand back off to Van #1!
#10. Now its time for the 'NIGHT' Run! There is something about running through LA that can scare a girl into running faster than she has EVER ran before!!!
#11. By your 3rd leg you wonder if you even have the strength to get out of the van to run. You are sleep deprived, tired, exhausted, and the soreness is settling in.
#12. You FINISH your 3rd leg and you want to cry because you have just accomplished one of THE hardest things you have EVER done in your life!!!
#13. Then you wait for Van #2 at the finish line!
#14. 200 MILES OF RUNNING , 3 legs each, and 36 hours of no sleep later you all cross the finish line together as a team with a feeling that is indiscribable!!!
#15. You still actually LOVE Lori Nelson and actually THANK her for asking you to be a part of this crazy adventure!!!


Brandon and Tim were are AWESOME drivers!! We couldn't have done it without them!
The LA Temple
The 6 in our Van #1 outside the LA Temple
Brandon and I at the LA Temple
Robbi, Lori, Me, Melody, and Jami in Quartsite on our way to CA

Out on Ventura Pier and at Dinner at Cappriccios

Van #1 during their 1st Legs!

The LOVELY Night Run!
(You gotta Love Tim's Safety Vest:)

Lori and I
Meloday trying to pry me away from the van to go run my 1st leg!
Tim he can drive well!
Jami, Lori and Melody
Lori Pinching a Lady's bum!
Melody, Brandon, Jami and Tim Chillaxin between our 1st and 2nd runs

Me excited that I actually passed a skinny mini on all 3 hills of my last leg...yes that means she would pass my on the downside, but hey I still passed someone!!
Jami finishing her last leg...poor Jami took the wrong turn & added a 1/2 mile to her run!
Heather finishing her last leg
Melody handing off to Lori for the LAST time!!

Van #2
Shawna and Bruce
Marinda and Reese
Spencer and Kelli
Kelli handing off to Robbi
Kelli comin in at the 2nd Major Exchange
Lori handing off to Shawna at the 1st Major Exchange

Jami and I with our Medals...SO glad that I got to accomplish this with my sister!
Van#1 showing what runner # we were
Van #2 at the finish line!
Vane #1 showing what we felt like after our last leg!

Team '51 Kids Home Alone' crossing the finish line!

Team '51 Kids Home Alone'...and yes those are smiles on our face!
I accomplished things this past weekend that I NEVER imagined I would or even could ever accomplish. I hope that Team '51 Kids Home Alone' knows how much I look up to, love, admire, and adore ALL of you!


Deni said...

You are amazing!!!

I'm not the caliber of runner that the other ladies are. I don't deserve to be in their grouping.

(Now that that's settled)

I do love the Ragnar, and I am so glad you were able to experience it.


Camille Parry said...

I am so INCREDIBLY proud of you!!! I am not a teary person, but I am bawling my eyes out!!! YOU are an amazing person and I am so glad that you have had this awesome experience. Thanks for being such a terrific example. Love ya TONS!!

cturley said...

I'm so proud of you!! You worked so hard and you inspire me to want to work!!!! Congrats :)

Couple of Hunt's said...

So for real!!! you are amazing!!! My dream is to be in a marathon but with my knee I dont see the light!!! I kept calling Lisa Hancock to see how you guys were doing!! I was so excited for you all!! You did awesome! Cant wait to hear about next year!

Jessica Johnson said...

Wow, your amazing! Way to go Tiffany!

Camron and Lonna Connolly said...

Im so jealous that you got to see my sister! You're amazing . . . There's nothing you cant do!!

Karleen said...

I am so glad you guys did this although I was very jealous and kept texting Marinda every 5 minutes. Can you see why they are addicting. Good Job I am very impressed with all of you.

Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

WhooHooo! Running is such a disturbing addiction. I love it. Congrats on your huge accomplishment. I'm just curious...with 11 kids how did you find the time to train? You're amazing! Miss you tons!

Shawna said...

Loved it! I loved seeing your pictures. It was like 2 totally different trips for us even though we were on the same team. You guys are amazing and I'm so proud of you for all your hard work. Great job! Yes those are smiles and we loved it!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

That is so awesome!! That i so great that took the challenge and did it! I would have had to REALLY think it over before I did something like that:) You are looking great by the way! Keep it up!

troy and melani said...

wow that is guys are all amazing! kudos to all of you!! By the way, I need to email you to ask about you taking some family pics for us when we come to AZ in june/july!! email

Elissa said...

Wow!!! What an awesome thing to accomplish! That's pretty hardcore. haha

The Johnson Family said...

Ok...I think you are totally crazy! That being said you rock!! I am so glad that you got to have such a great experience with such amazing people. All of you are inspiring.

Karleen said...

Tiff you didn't have to add my name to make me feel better. I know I'm the slow sister.

Aunt Tiff said...

Hey Karleen....I HAD to add your NAME!!!! I seriously can't believe I even FORGOT it!!! Seriously I am the crappiest person EVER!! Who else besides you actually does Ragnars while PREGNANT!!!!! I just wish you girls would sharing your running abilities with the rest of the world!!!!!

beau.shaunalee said...

AMAZING!!!!! I'm sure that is something you'll never forget. congrats Tiff!

Karleen said...

Tiff you make me laugh so hard. I miss all you guys.

Ginger.... said...

You are so COOL! I wish I could do all the things you do :).

Chamberlain family said...

Wow congratulations! That is so awesome that you did that. I was telling Julie a couple of months ago that we should do a ragnar next year but I don't know if I could actually do it. You are amazing! I was on top of the world when I ran a 10k. Ha ha.

FerraroFam said...

WOW!!! I know I have said it over and over but seriously you never cease to amaze me. You are utterly amazing. So proud of you for setting a goal and reaching it. You are such an inspiration. I know you had said a while back you were trying to lose weight well let me just tell you that you look gorgeous, you've definately surpased your goal on that as well. Keep up the amazingness. Love and miss you lots.

Matt n Jessica said...

Such an inspiration!! I'm so happy you guys had a great time doing this!!

Mills Family said...

Your are awesome Tiff, I'm so proud of you. You are inspiring. I'm even amazed that you can leave all your kids while you and Brandon were gone.

Heather said...

These are great Tiff! Let's do it again! I am so ready!!!! Ok maybe i am not ready but i am willing! Soo great to see you. I had so much fun! As i tell people about it, they say "So what part of it was fun?" I guess you just had to be there! We rock! Miss you guys already!!! Love you!

ashley broomall said...

awesome tiffany! holy cow! i can't say i'm not incredibly jealous though. what an amazing thing to do! you rock woman!

Dawna Greer said...

Can't say I'm jealous of your great accomplishment because running is not my thing but I am very impressed with the hard work and perseverance you all showed to prepare for an event like that! Way to go!