Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whatta Week!!!

Last week was such a whirl wind for us! Due to Mallori's adoption, sealing, blessing, and me getting so sick towards the end of the week, I only had a few moments to sit down and I am finally getting around to post more about it!

The whole crew with Judge Ruechel at Mallori's adoption last Tuesday, February 2nd. We love Judge Ruechel and would even say she likes us a little too since she has a picture of us on her office wall:)

The Fam after Mallori's sealing lasts Saturday, February 6th. It was an amazing experience to have all of us inside the temple once again. Other than Paul kind of being rowdy in the sealing room, the spirit was so strong, and it was an added plus to have my dad perform the sealing. I have been blessed with an amazing family!!! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!
Me and Brandon with our beautiful little girl!
Momma and Mallori

Little Miss Mallori...a little piece of Heaven!

Then on Sunday, February 7th, we had her blessing. Once again both Brandon and I are blessed with great families who are always so supportive. We had a great time visiting with everyone at our house during the luncheon!!!

Miss Mallori in her beautiful white dress!

And what would we do without this lady...

Aunt Diane Dodge rocks!...she made Mallori's sealing/blessing dress. Eventhough she is not 'blood' related she is part of our family!!!

BIG thanks to all our family and friends who made the effort to be there for us during yet another BIG week in our lives! We love you ALL and are so grateful for your love and support!! The Lord has truly been amazingly good to us!!!!

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Lucie said...

Ok, now I'm crying - on the verge of bawling! That is the sweetest family you have!!! What an Angel!!! We LOVE you ALL!!!!!!!
xoxoxo Lucie

Marinda said...

I am so sorry we missed the sealing. We went over later for reese's cousin's and were there so long I hated to leave the kids all day. I am so excited for you. She is so cute.

thewaites said...

I am crying too!!! Tiffany, you have such a beautiful family! What an amazing experience! There is just no two people on the planet quite like you and Brandon! I feel blessed to even know you two!!! I am so very happy for you both and for you wonderful family. Mallory is so precious! I am so glad you all have each other! =)

debrajo said...

She totally looks like her brother...I think it's the one with Mitchell in his name. I feel so bad, because I can't keep all of your kids' names straight. I don't know how you do it! You guys are a BEAUTIFUL family and you look so happy! I feel the Spirit every time I think about you guys and your sweet kids.

Lacee Herbert said...

WOW - What a Week is right! I am - once again - so happy for you!!! And SO happy for Mallori to have such a wonderful family!! Love you guys!!

Jenna said...

I am so happy for your family! What a blessing it is to have Eternal Families!