Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whatta Man...

I am sure that people probably get sick of me talking about how amazing my hubby is, but it is what it is!!! I need to tell him how thankful I am for him!!! This past weekend while I was at Time Out For Women (see prior post) he kept ALL 11 kids, got the garage cleaned out, got the house all cleaned, got the wood stacked, & took a haul to the dump. I truly don't know what I ever did to deserved him...actually I wonder most days if I really even do deserve him. He is so in tune with my needs and wants... ALWAYS putting me before anything else. I find myself wondering if I do the same for him. He is truly an amazing husband and father!!! I love you Brandon Wayne Martineau...You will FOREVER be my SEXY BEAST!!!
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Miss Marie said...

Thats so cute tiff, and he is a great man, to deal with 11 kids, you guys are like the worlds best parents, haha.. love you!!

Deni said...

It is always nice to hear that I'm not the only one with the best husband :).

So glad you have him.