Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Payson Rodeo

I forgot to post these pics back in August. We decided to take 4 of our older kids (Tristen was at scout camp) to the Payson rodeo. That was the first time we had ever gone to the Payson rodeo, and we really is a great rodeo! We had a blast!!!!

Amelia, Mom, & Porter

Mom, Dad, & Porter

Eva, Michael, Porter, Amelia, & mom
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Lindy said...

Tiff, what's that last picture? You have two Amelias? hee hee

Shawna said...

We need to try that rodeo one of these years! It seems like living there for 7 years we would have made it there, but No!

Aunt Tiff said...

Hey Lindy...thanks for catchin that for me...is that a sign I have too many kids?