Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some of my new Faves...

 Can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I last blogged.  Bottom line...my life is CRAZY!  I have had so many photo shoots (which I LOVE), plus just my crazy life in general.  Here are a few of my new favorite photos!

 Brandon and Eva

Amelia had a birthday(which I will blog about later)
 Uncle Mike and Amelia

 Love this little girl!  Can't believe she will be 3 in January!!  Where has the time gone??

We took family pics!(which I will post more later:)
I LOVE this pic of Brandon and I...I usually don't like pics with me in it, but I like this one!

Baby Madi was blessed(which I will post pics later:)
 Love my sisterinlaw Tara

We took the kids for a Sunday Drive last week and it was just what I needed!  The kids actually got along and Brandon and I had some us time just talking on a blanket!
 Love this pic too!!

This little girl LOVES her daddy!! This was on our Sunday Drive too!


Carly said...

"IT'S MARON!!! And look at his beard" Gracilyn

Love your blog! Thanks for updating! Gracilyn loves to see maron and mallori and pretty much everyone! Love and miss you guys!

debrajo said...

Whoa! Can you say, "Duck Dynasty"? If my little Emmett saw Brandon's beard, he just might start singing the theme song he made up for the Duck Dynasty guys.

And you look lovely in yellow.

And I can't believe Maron is almost 3...how did your lawsuit with the country of India end up? :)