Saturday, October 26, 2013


I don't usually consider myself to be a negative person(yes I'm loud and vocal but that doesn't mean I'm negative:) or one who focuses on the negative around me.  I can usually find the positive in every situation.  But...there are times I find myself looking around and seeing so much heartache in this thing we call life.  I see it in a family who has lost a loved one, I see it in the youth as they fight against satans temptations, I see it in a friend who fights to overcome the past, I see it in a mother who still mourns the loss of her husband, I see it as parents watch a child suffer from a disease, I see it in my own children as they face the ugliness of this harsh and critical world, and I feel it myself as I face days that are filled with criticism and feelings of inadequacy. 

I get it...I understand that it was all part of the plan. But it is still hard to watch and go through.  Being the kind of person that I am, I want to be able to fix it all.  I would take the pain away as I watch those I love go through it.  But I can't...because all of us have to go through the 'Red-Sea' places in our lives and allow the Atonement to heal us. I used to think that the Atonement was only for those who needed to repent as they made mistakes, but it's for ALL, in every situation!!

"When you come to the Red-Sea place in your life, when, in spite of all you can do,
There is no way around, there is no way back, there is no other way but THROUGH:
Then trust in God with a soul sincere, till the dark and the storm are gone.
He will calm the sea and part the waves as He says to your soul GO on!"


Deni said...

Hang in there Tiff. You are a great friend. It is hard watching all of the sorrow in the world. Love you girly.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Yep I know what you mean. Pain and sorrow is all around us and some days are harder to bear than others. That's why, planning vacations on a regular basis are therapeutic!! I seriously hear you girl, and not just in my own situation. Everyone has trails that I would not want to have at all.