Friday, July 26, 2013

Michael is the BIG 12!!!

 I can hardly believe that Michael is 12!!  He has been waiting for this day for....well...a year!:)  Ever since he turned 11 he has reminded us daily of how many days/months/minutes were left until he turned 12 and got the Priesthood.  This year is birthday fell on 4th of July Saturday so we celebrated it on Sunday. 

Michael we are SO proud of you and your desire to be a good boy!  We look forward to watching you learn and grow in the priesthood.  We are so grateful Heavenly Father sent you to our family!!  We love you lots!!

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debrajo said...

He's cute. I'll never forget that he told me he's not allowed to match socks, because he does it wrong & messes it up. :) Love it!