Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Reunion Part 1...Dad's Headstone

 I don't know exactly how I feel about all of this.  Like I said in posts prior, 4th of July week was super hard on me in terms of missing my Dad.  The week after the 4th was our Tenney Family reunion.  We started off the weekend by setting my Dad's headstone.  It was a beautiful day, threatening rain, but the rain held out for us until after we set the headstone and had a few moments there as a family.  The headstone turned out beautiful. It was like the final chapter in this year of firsts for me.  The only 1st we have left is the 1 year anniversary of his passing which will be in a couple weeks(which is hard to believe)!!  As I look back at the pictures I am reminded of how blessed I am to have the family I do.  


 Brandon and I
 Our family
 They allowed all the kids to help with the putty stuff
 I am so blessed to have an amazing husband...helping Mrogon
 Keyghan, Kayleb, and Mallori
 Maron...this little girl has always had a special connection with my Dad
 Brandon and Maron
 My Mom and Uncle Lonnie
 Maron and Brandon...again
 We all had flowers to put on my dad's headstone
 Isn't it BEAUtiful!!??!!
 Those from Ron's family
 Those from Dave's Family

 Jami & Tim's Family
 Jake's Family
 Trav's Family
 Jody's Family
 Ben's Family
 Brylee...the representative from Randy's family:)

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debrajo said...

So beautiful! It makes me sad, but it's also a great gift to him to be able to mark his grave in such a classy way. What a special event. I love all the family pictures by his headstone.