Monday, August 27, 2012

Broken Arm + 1st Day of School...

 This is being posted late, but it all went down the week my Dad passed.

Our poor little Mallori broke her arm...same arm, same place as Maron did 3 months ago.  It was a buckle fracture, and we are still trying to figure out how it happened.  She says she fell off a bed!!
 Mallori showing off her arm!

School started the same day Dad passed.  He hadn't passed yet, but we knew he was getting close.  I did come home to see them off and to grab a few pictures.  Little did we know just hours later we would be saying goodbye to Grandpa. 
 Porter...5th Grade!  Mrs. Maner

 Michael...5th Grade!  Mrs. B

 Paul...2nd Grade!  Ms. Crandell

 Morgon...1st Grade!  Mrs. Willis
 Caden...1st Grade!  Mrs. Honsinger

 Zach...2nd Grade!  Mrs. Perguson


Eva...7th grade!!

Still trying to figure out how I missed getting a picture of Amelia!  I should get mother of the year award!!

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