Sunday, June 3, 2012

Proud of our Tristen!

I can't believe that we will have a Freshman next year!!  I swear it was just yesterday that I was a freshman's hard to believe I graduated 15 years ago!!  MAN I FEEL OLD!!

We are super proud of Tristen.  Tristen is a brilliant, kind hearted kid!  Last year he struggled keeping his grades up, not due to not being smart enough, but because he didn't feel like it:)  This year, with a little motivation, he kept them up and did a lot better!!  We are excited to see what high school will hold for him!!

Tristen....Congrats on your 8th grade promotion and good luck in high school!  We love you!!

Getting ready to walk in

You can only see his head in the back...but Tristen is quite the talented Bass player!

WOOHOO...he did it!!

He had this smile the entire night!!

Grandpa Martineau, Tristen, and Grandma Martineau

Brandon, Tristen, and I

I love my boy!

The world's biggest nerds:)

Our family...minus 2 that had already gone to the car!

Tristen and Grandma Tenney...Grandpa Tenney wasn't feeling well and had already gone to the car.

Tristen and Brock

Aunt Diane, Tristen, and Grandma Colleen...these two women have adopted our family and are so supportive in everything our kids do!!

Jami and I offered to run with the 8th grade party and it was of course held at the Slade's house.  The kids seem to have a lot of fun!!

Tristen playing war

The kids playing a family favorite...'Up Jenkins, Down Jenkins'

Reed of my favorite kids!

Devon Owens, Jessica Reidhead, and Brock...a few of my other favorites!

Tristen is quite satisfied being a loner...playing solitaire!

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debrajo said...

He's looking so grown up. I can't believe he's a teenager and getting so tall. So fun!