Friday, June 8, 2012

Daddy Daughter Trip...

 I've decided you are NEVER too old to go on a Daddy Daughter Date!  A couple years back Jami and I got teasing my dad about how neither of us remember him ever taken either of us Fishing or Hunting.  He promised us that someday he would take us fishing & hunting.  Well he called a couple weeks ago saying that he had booked our fishing trip up at Lees Ferry on May 22nd & 23rd.  We left he evening of the 22nd and stayed the night at Marble Canyon Lodge.  We got up early the next morning and met our fishing guide, Mike Roth, at the local restaurant.  We were too excited about fishing that we didn't even want to eat breakfast so we headed out to start fishing.  We fished til about 11:30 and caught about 40 fish total.  

Words cannot express how I felt about this trip and the good time that we had.  This fishing trip was long over due....but I can honestly say I wouldn't have appreciated it near enough had it come any sooner!!!

 Had to take a pic of the awesome curtains in the apartment that we rented:)

 My beautiful glad we got to share this experience together!

 The view out the front of our apartment

 My dad...wondering what he got himself into:)  Jami got to invited Nicholas was fun having him there!

 Me and my Daddy!

 There was such a sacred feeling in these mountains.  We have strong roots up by Lees Ferry.  Our Great-Great Grandfather Jacob Hamblin roamed that area as he served a 40 year mission to the Lamanite people. 

 Dad fishing

 The first fish caught!

 Nicholas...the silent fisherman!

 This is NOT the biggest fish I caught...I is NOT the biggest fish I caught:)

 Jami asking for forgiveness for tangling up her line!

 We kept catching moss and my dad kept teasing that it was a sign from the fish that if he ate the moss it would heal his cancer:)

 Me and my Daddy!

 An Unforgettable Experience!

 Dad and Jami

 Love my Sister!

 Me and Mike Roth

Thanks Dad for an amazing time!  I will forever be grateful for this experience!  I look forward to hunting this fall with you!!


cturley said...

So glad you got to spend this time with your dad!! Love the pictures

Erin Horn said...

What a fun fishing trip! Looks like it was a wonderful time! Love you all!