Sunday, November 13, 2011


Better late than never right?

We had a great time with our annual trunk-or-treat at Aunt Jami's!! Glad Halloween only comes once a year:)

Morgon our Frog and Amelia our Fairy

Michael our Bat Man!

Maron the CUTEST little skunk EVER!

Caden our Pirate

Mallori our Adorable little Lady Bug

Eva our yearly Witch!

Paul our Roaring Dragon!

Zach as our Bumble Bee!

Porter decided he was too old to dress up and would rather help pass out candy, Miles changed costumes 100 times so I ended up never getting a picture of him actually dressed up, and Tristen is too old to go trick or treating:)!!


cturley said...

They are so dang cute!!! You know deep down you really LOVE Halloween :)

Ginger.... said...

So cute!