Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should I be worried?...

...That I found my boys playing dress up today?

I thought it was funny!

The only thing that concerned me was that their OLDER brothers were in participating too!!

I LOVE the way Morgon is twirling and Caden is posing!!!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


So of course I am gonna blog about the AMAZING snow we have been getting!! We don't get snows like this very often, I actually only remember a snow like this a couple times throughout my life, but I LOVE when we do!! Other than being cooped up in the house all week with the kids, I have really enjoyed it...and even they havent been too bad:() I actually finished a book, have watched lots of movies, cleaned stuff out, and have eaten myself into oblivian!!
This picture is of the tree in the back yard on fire. The first night it really started snowing the snow was really wet and heavy causing the tree to fall onto the power line. It was pretty fun to watch!

The front yard on the 2nd day!

Caden decided he wanted to go play in the snow...lets just say he didn't last more than about two minutes...he came in about the time his snow boots got lost in the snow!

Eva and Porter playing in the back yard!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Porter Reunion 2010!!

We started off the year with an awesome Porter Reunion! My Uncle Dean and his family were in charge of our Porter reunion this year and is was amazing to say the least! They did a great job and put a lot of hard work into it! It was held in the valley @ Marlin's home, a church, and then we spent a couple hours at Amazing Jakes. Aunt Donna was in charge of the Program Saturday night and she of course did a great job and it was filled with lots of music and stories! I love the video they put together of Grandpa and Grandma...made me cry!!

BIG thanks to Uncle Dean, Aunt Sandra, and their Family for putting on such a great family reunion...after all...


Trisha, Me, Mom, Aunt Donna, Sara, and Jami

Uncle Lon, My mom, Uncle Jack, Aunt Donna, & Uncle Dean...GROUP HUG!!

The Porter Siblings that were there...
Uncle Lon, My Mom, Uncle Dean, Aunt Donna, Uncle Jack

Mom and her Sister, Donna
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Porter Reunion - Special Olympics

Saturday after breakfast they held the Porter Special Olympics. They had a TON of fun games and split us all into 8 different teams. I was impressed with how many actually participated!!!
Amelia, Ali, Rachel, Amanda, Melanie, Court & Laron

Do you not think these two could be twins?!
Jared Porter & Huston Tenney

Jody, Cynthia, Emily, Huston & JT getting ready for the Hula Hoop Pass

Lauren, Cody, Chantel, Mary, Zach, & Michael playing Water Balloon Baseball
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Porter Reunion - Amazing Jakes!!

For lunch on Saturday we went to Amazing Jakes. We had always heard how cool this place was but had never tried it out! It is now one of our Favorite places! Everybody had a blast with all the rides, games, and food!

Heather and her girls Anna & Mary

Brandon, Morgon, and Paul on the Frog Hopper...they were hilarious to watch!!

Quinn aka Champ...Our little Golfer!!

Porter climbing the Rock Wall!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach...

Our funny little Zach turned 5 last week.(I know I'm a slacker!!!) He is such a fun loving boy and always keeps us laughing! Here are just a few reasons why we love our Zachy Boy!!

#1...His Smile and Laugh, it doesn't get much better than his!
#2...His energy!
#3...He's a daddy's boy, He LOVES going and doing anything with Brandon!
#4...He's a good brother!
#5...He's a big tease! He loves to tease and torment ALL of us, but in a loving way!!!

We love you Zachary Brandon Martineau and are SOOOOO grateful that God sent you to us!!!!!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We found out Yesterday that the Adoption Day for this beautiful little girl will be February 2nd!! We will be having Mallori Lyn sealed to us on that Saturday February 6th and she will be blessed on February 7th!! We are SOOOO excited that everything will be finalized!!!!! We love her and are SO grateful that our Heavenly Father sent her to us!!!!!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

A year ago...

Before you scroll down and see the pics I have posted I have to fill you in on why I am posting them. Just over a year ago at one of our family Christmas Gatherings my mother talked about my twin brothers Shane & Shaun and how she had never had them stockings before then. She talked about how we should all be striving to improve ourselves so we could be with them again some day. She had all of us write a goal down on a piece of paper...Something that we would either give up or something that we would improve on...then she had us put the paper in one of the twins stockings. Well, I promised to work on Health...that I would strive harder to get healthier. So...over the past year I have tried really hard to work on it. I began running and started joining in on some family "Biggest Loser" competitions. To date I have lost approx 50 lbs. I do not share this to get compliments...I am simply posting it so that in the future I can look back, and rather than look at how far I still have to go, I can look at where I have been. I hope to continue this goal and continue to get healthier!!

November 2008

November 2009

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Happy New Year!!!!

I love that it's that time of year where everyone had made new years resolutions and most of them are already being one of those:) I made a new years resolution to go off soda and it only lasted about 2 days, if that:) I did make some though that I plan to keep. I won't share them so you all won't be disappointed in me when I don't!
We had a great New Years Eve...I hadn't planned to do anything special this year, but we ended up having quite a few people over and had a really good time! We played lots of games, ate lots of food, and had lots of fun!! Brandon and I Stayed up playing games with Jami and her boys and Tom til 3:00am...that was a blast!!! Thanks everybody that came over and brought yummy food to share!
Here is wishing everybody a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL New Year!!!!
Carly, Shawna, Stacey, & Brooke playing Nertz (sp)

Nicholas, Tom, Sha, Candice(can't see her but shes on the other side of Oren), Oren, Ben and Tara playing Uno

Tim & Brandon getting ready to let off firecrackers and stuff:)
Funny Story...Brandon had just walked over to the Slades to let off a big firework just as we saw headlights heading our way and to our surprise it was a Sheriff. Thank Heavens Brandon didn't ever let it off or he would of been hauled off!!!

Miles and I outside enjoying the show
Everyone that was partying with us...
Carly and Nicholas Mallory, Stacey, Kevin, Brooke, & Kennedy Mallory, The Slades, Shawna McLaws and her kids, Oren and Sha Parry, Candice Hall, Ben and Tara, Tom Williams, and our whole Crew.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Where have all the years gone?...

This morning's conversation...
Porter..." Mom where have all the years gone?"
Me..."What do you mean son?"
Porter..."Where have all the years gone?"
Me..."Well what are you meaning son?"
Porter..."Well it seems like I was just born yesterday, and now I am gonna be baptized in March!"
Me..."I don't know son, but it makes me sad!!!"
I can't believe another NEW YEAR is upon us!! I can't believe that 2 of my beautiful children will be getting baptized this year! I can't believe that 2 more will start school! I can't believe that Tristen will officially be in Jr. High! I can't believe Brandon and I will be hitting our 9th anniversary!
It makes me wonder...