Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Porter Reunion 2010!!

We started off the year with an awesome Porter Reunion! My Uncle Dean and his family were in charge of our Porter reunion this year and is was amazing to say the least! They did a great job and put a lot of hard work into it! It was held in the valley @ Marlin's home, a church, and then we spent a couple hours at Amazing Jakes. Aunt Donna was in charge of the Program Saturday night and she of course did a great job and it was filled with lots of music and stories! I love the video they put together of Grandpa and Grandma...made me cry!!

BIG thanks to Uncle Dean, Aunt Sandra, and their Family for putting on such a great family reunion...after all...


Trisha, Me, Mom, Aunt Donna, Sara, and Jami

Uncle Lon, My mom, Uncle Jack, Aunt Donna, & Uncle Dean...GROUP HUG!!

The Porter Siblings that were there...
Uncle Lon, My Mom, Uncle Dean, Aunt Donna, Uncle Jack

Mom and her Sister, Donna
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JENNE said...

saw your uncle Dean over the weekend. Porters are great family. You are such a lucky girl!

Heather said...

Tiff--You look AMAZING in that pic with you guys and the gibbons'! Woot! Woot!

Ronica said...

hey Tiff. You have a pretty remarkable family! And can I just say you look GREAT! Thanks for checking in on the Blatters from time to time. I appreciate it so much! Ronica