Monday, January 4, 2010

Where have all the years gone?...

This morning's conversation...
Porter..." Mom where have all the years gone?"
Me..."What do you mean son?"
Porter..."Where have all the years gone?"
Me..."Well what are you meaning son?"
Porter..."Well it seems like I was just born yesterday, and now I am gonna be baptized in March!"
Me..."I don't know son, but it makes me sad!!!"
I can't believe another NEW YEAR is upon us!! I can't believe that 2 of my beautiful children will be getting baptized this year! I can't believe that 2 more will start school! I can't believe that Tristen will officially be in Jr. High! I can't believe Brandon and I will be hitting our 9th anniversary!
It makes me wonder...


cturley said...

It is soooo sad how fast they grow!! I'm having a hard time with my kids getting older :(

thewaites said...

That conversation with Porter is so adorable! What a cutie! I wonder the same thing everyday! We were just looking back at some pictures of when Brenna was a baby and i just cried! It all goes so fast! The time is wonderful... but I sure wish it would slow down a little so I can enjoy it more!

Cute post! =)

Deni said...

it is amazing how quickly time passes. You have an amazing family. Sure wish we were closer. OH the fun we could have!