Friday, February 19, 2016

The passing of our good Friend...

 Some people come into our lives and we are never the same...Jim and Annie Houser are some of those people.  We met them the summer of 2012 when they hired Brandon to do some side jobs for them.  Brandon knowing my infatuation with little old men, knew that I would fall head over heals for Jim...and he was right.  The first time Brandon introduced me to them, Jim and I hit it off.  He was grouchy, straight forward, and cussed a lot...just the way I like them.  They had asked Brandon to tear out some old barn wood off their walls in their cabin that was built back in the late 60's early 70's.  We asked him what they were gonna do with it and he said he was just gonna have us take it to the dump.  So we asked if I could have it since I LOVE old barn wood.  He then proceeded to tell me that he bought that wood down in Heber at Mr. Tenney's old lumber store.  I told him that the Mr. Tenney he spoke of was my Dad. He told me stories how my Dad helped them get electricity to their home and that Mr. Tenney was always good to them.  Well...that very night, my Dad asked Brandon to build his casket as he knew his time was running short.  Brandon told my dad he had the perfect wood to build it with...the wood we had got from Jim and Annie.  After talking to my dad we found that the wood would have been from my Grandpa Porter's sawmill and sold in my Dad's lumberyard.  There is no doubt that Jim and Annie were put in our lives for that very reason.  Jim and Annie have remained good friends since then so when we got the call from Annie that her dearest Jim had suffered a heart attack and had passed away, it broke my heart.  There is no doubt that my Dad and Jim have become good friends on the other side! I will for sure miss Mr. Jim Houser!!

I used this photo of Jim in the military for my patriotic program...wasn't he so very hadnsome?

 Every year Jim and Annie would come over for the fireworks.

 At Jim's Funeral

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