Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maron's Preschool Graduation...

We debated for a couple months on whether or not to start Maron in Preschool this past year since she isn't old enough to start Kindergarten this year, but after a couple of months of the other kids being in school and her being absolutely bored we decided to send her.  She LOVED it!!  She had a good group of kids in her class and she LOVES Mrs. King.  I don't like how fast she is growing up but we are having fun along the way!!

Start of Graduation
Doing a Nursery Rhyme
 Receiving her Diploma:)
 Her class with Mrs. King...Jett, Paisley, Taelee, Maron, and Alonna
 So glad these two cousins are best friends!
Maron and Mrs. King

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