Friday, January 30, 2015

My Baby is 4....SAY WHAT??!!

 I am having a hard time believing that my baby girl is four years old already!!  It makes me stop and think of how my mom feels knowing her baby girl is almost 36:)  This little girl has brought more sunshine into our lives than I think she will ever know.  She is sassy, sweet, funny, loud, loves to sing, loves babies, is tender hearted, loves her best friends, and is super smart!  Oh and did I mention she is SUPER SPOILED!!!  The main thing she wanted for her birthday was for Jace to come to her birthday party.  She was so excited when he walked through the door!  Not to mention that he won her over with a Frozen Blanket!

 Tae, Maron, and Graci...BFF's Forever!

 Her Frozen cake that Aunt Tara made!

 Her dolly from aunt Jami
 She loves clothes
 Her new frozen bike!
 Her Frozen blanket from Jace
She was super happy that the next day she got to spend the day with Jace and got to go to her birthday lunch with him. 

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