Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Beautiful Gilbert Temple & Happy Birthday to Brandon...

For Brandon's birthday this year we decided to take the kids down to tour the new Gilbert Temple.  Though I'm sure it wasn't his first choice of things to do on his birthday...we still had a great time and of course were amazed at the Temple's beauty.  One of the highlights of the day was meeting up with my awesome cousin, Debra Jo, who brought us cookies and a goody bag(and took this picture of us).  I'm not sure she knows how much our family adores her!!  After the temple we went to my brother Trav's house...then I sent poor Brandon on his way up the mountain with 10 of our kids while I stayed in the valley with my mom to a nieces baby shower. 


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debrajo said...

That is an awesome famiily picture! :) I'm so glad I was there to take it. I'm telling you, that was the COOLEST thing to "just happen" to pull into traffic immediately in front of you guys and be able to guide you into the "secret" parking lot & send you on your way - I'm telling you, it would have been a nightmare for you guys to have to park in that dirt lot almost a half mile away, and that's where almost everyone was sent if they didn't make it into that first parking lot & if they didn't know about the other side. :) That's right, I'm the "bomb dot com". :)

Btw, you crack me up. I can just see you saying "Happy Birthday, Honey" and sending him on his way back up the mountain with most of the kids, haha! It's so funny, because that's a normal thing to do for other people, but for you guys, it's like you get to experience everyone else's normal on steroids. I think Mitch would freak out just a little bit, "Wait? What? I'm in charge of all these kids?"

Anyway, I don't think you guys know how much I adore you! You're all THE BEST!