Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Belly Bra?...Say What???

So this blog might be a little TMI for some of you but I have to share the details to be able to remember why it was funny.  So I am one of those crazy moms that walks around in her G's.  ( need to understand that I don't do that ALL the time, but I will walk around in them in the morning when I wake my kids up or at night after the kids are in bed.)  Well...a couple mornings ago I was sitting on the couch with Miles sitting there by me and he looks over and asks, 'Why are those by your arms?'  I didn't know what he was talking about so I asked him, 'what?'  And he points at my chest and says, 'Why are those by your arms?'(referring to my boobs).  (Now any woman knows that after having kids, and with age, gravity takes its toll and your uppers become your lowers!)  I seriously about died laughing.  Me being the blunt mother that I am explained to him that I didn't have my bra on so they weren't up where they were suppose to be!!

Fast forward 3 days.  Once again sitting in my G's on the couch with Miles.  He reaches over and slaps my stomach and says, 'Fat Belly!'...which I turn to him and slap it myself and say, 'fat belly!'.  He sits there for a second, looks up at me, and says, 'You need a Bra Belly!'.  I of course say, 'WHAT??'.  He smiles at me and says, 'you need one of those things that you wear up there (pointing to my chest) down here on your belly! Then it will suck it in and make it tight!!'.  

I seriously have not stopped laughing over it!!  Little does he know those are called girdles or spanx !!  You gotta love little kids!!  

I LOVE this Stinking Boy!!!(and he looked about this confused while asking me the questions)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Martineau Highlights...

 Here are some of the Highlights around the Martineau Funny Farm lately...

#1 - WE LOVE RACHEL!!  Rachel Hunt has been working for me being our little nanny while she waits to leave on her mission.  She has been the best thing for us since Maryssa moved away from us last year.  She is SO good with our kids and is seriously my life saver!!!  We are gonna miss her like crazy when she leaves us but we know she is gonna be one amazing missionary!!  I have more adorable pics of her and my girls that I will post later!

 #2 - Tristen got some scouting awards and the kids had an orchestra concert but he was the only one I got a picture of!!

 Tristen is very good at the Bass and music just comes to him.  I think he has memorized every song he has every learned!!

 #3 - Porter turned 11!!  I can hardly believe that my 1st born is already 11.  It seems like yesterday they laid him on my belly for the 1st time!!  Porter is such a good kid with a tender heart which makes him very loving and accepting of others!!  We are so grateful Heavenly Father sent him to us!! 

 #4 - Zach got a 'Most Improved' award at school.  We are proud of Zachy and the hard worker he is!!

 #5 - We love our MISSIONARIES!!!  I have always had a special place in my heart for missionaries.  I remember being a little girl about 7 or 8 years old and actually getting to go stay the night at the sister missionaries apartment.  That of course would never happen now, but I remember the impact it had on me then.  I also learned to love missionaries as I watched my brothers serve their missions and love the people they served.  Plus I have 8 future missionaries that I hope will be well taken care of by the people they serve.  It is interesting how we hit it off with some missionaries like we've known them forever and not with others.  Some missionaries can't handle our family and our craziness.  But lately we have had some amazing missionaries!! I am grateful for the example they set for my kids.  We will forever remember Elder Feldman and Elder Johnson.  We had to say goodbye to Elder Feldman, but hope to keep Elder Johnson for a bit longer!!

 Elder Feldman, Macky, and Elder Johnson

 The night we said goodbye to Elder Feldman

 Our little Maron is in LOVE with Elder Johnson.  She was lying in bed with me one morning and was looking at mine and Brandon's wedding pictures hanging on the wall and said 'I'm gonna get married in the temple!' and I asked, 'oh who??' and Maron replied, 'ELDER JOHNSON!'  It made me laugh.  Then Amelia was talking to Elder Johnson tonight and Maron yelled at her and said,'STOP TALKING TO MY BOYFRIEND!!'.  It cracks me up!!  We sure will miss him when he leaves!
 Elder Johnson proposing to Maron with an Angry Bird ring!! ( I Love Macky's expression!!)