Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yet another...

 1st off...I FINALLY updated my photography blog!! is yet another blog over load from me!! I am still waiting for life to slow down a tad but I have come to the harsh reality that I don't think it ever will:)

My kids participated in a school talent show.  I was proud of each one!
 Amelia to gymnastics
 Michael playing his viola
 Porter played a song on the piano that he wrote himself

We had graduation!!

 Our good friends the Burns family had their daughter Ashley graduate from 8th grade...we love them!
 I had the privilege to present the 1st ever Lewis Tenney Memorial Scholarship at MHS graduation.

 Our favorite guy Macky graduated from high school!

 He and UB are best buds!...UB will miss him while he is serving the Lord in Boston!

We had 2 more Birthdays!
 Mallori turned 4 and Miles turned 5!

 Miles stuck in the trampoline!

We have spent wonderful time out at the ranch fishing and gardening!
 Me and Robyn

The boys had their Father and Sons outing!!
 Dad Martineau and was great to have Dad Martineau here with us!

 a fish Porter caught!
 Michael, Zach, and Caden chilling by the fire!

Miles Graduated from Pre-School!
Eric, Stetson, Slade and Miles

 Michael won a bike from Golden Mustangs!  He was SOOO excited!

And this little girl still hasn't learned to put on her panties the right way...and no my house doesn't always look like that!(I should make sure the background of a picture is worth taking:)


debrajo said...

Love the update! Your kids are all so cute, and amazing! That is so neat that you got to present a Lewis Tenney Memorial Scholarship. Rock on!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Thats awesome your family is doing a memorial fund. Your dad would be so proud:)
Love the picture of Malory, even if your kitchen does look like mine:)