Monday, September 12, 2011

Tenney Reunion 2011...

Doesn't this look like fun??!!

It's crazy to think that our family is this big...and there were 18 of the fam missing!!

Mallori with a snake...we were surprised she'd even get near it!
Michael, Paul, Tessa, Eva, Miles, Morgon, Mallori, and Amelia

Beautiful Sisters...Jessica, Maryssa, and Kim
Mimi with her favorite granddaughter Lou Lou

Cousins R the Best...Eva and Tessa
Maron and Gracilyn aka Lou Lou taking a nap together!

My beautiful Sister & beautiful Mother and Me
Randy and Cynthia blessed their Newest addition, Brielle, on that Sunday of the reunion...Dad and Mom Tenney, Randy, Cynthia, and Brielle, and Cynthia's parents, Max & Pattie

Miles on the teeter-totter
Miles and Ty

Can you believe Jessi is 38 weeks here?...isn't she GORGEOUS!!
Maryssa, Lauren, Macky, and Cody chillen on the lawn...I sure do love my nieces and nephews!

Maron Cakers...gosh I love this girl!
Carly and Maryjane sang the song they performed in church for us. It was wonderful!!

Ron, Jody, and Trav...don't they look happy to be here!
Ron catchin some ZZzzzz's!

Monday of the Reunion we harvested the corn from my Dad's garden and dry-packed some year supply stuff. It's a LOT of work, but leaves such a great feeling!

Lauren, Ciara, and Callie...stacking the corn!
Gay, Kalee, Lauren, and Tara...cutting the corn!

Cynthia, Morgon, and Tyton de-silking the corn!
Tristen, Dallin, Jami and Trevor helping Dad shuck the corn!

My two favorite guys hard at work!!
Yes I know the corn pictures are out of order:)

We had a great reunion!! We missed those who couldn't join us!! Family is what life is all about. I'm not sure where I would be without mine!!


Porter Prodigies II said...

Yes, it does look like a ton of fun!! I love your family, youre all pretty stinkin awesome!

Clarissa Jane said...

you forgot to add the "beautiful" before you wrote "me" in the picture of you three.
you are beautiful and i miss your beautiful face.

Nicole said...

I love big families! Looks like fun:) Miss you!!!