Saturday, May 7, 2011

Totally Over-Rated!!

Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing Mothers out there!!

I personally think Mother's Day is completely over-rated...I always set myself up for disappointment by thinking that JUST because it's Mother's Day that my children will magically be perfect...that they won't fight, argue, make messes, be naughty and that they will be perfect little angels for the full 24 hours!! Don't get me wrong...I enjoy the extra attention and all the sweet notes and kisses, but I would like those on any other day of the year:)

I am grateful though for the opportunity I have to be a mother. My life has been forever changed because of the beautiful children God has trusted me with...and I love each and everyone of them!!!

NOW...I do need to pay tribute to the most amazing woman in my Mother! I can only pray that I am half the woman she is. I have never met anybody that is more selfless than she is. To this day she is still the last person to sit down to eat dinner. She is always making sure everybody else has exactly what they need. She spends her days off from the temple babysitting a few of her 52 grandchildren. She till dotes on my dad and serves him his dinner in his favorite chair...not because he demands it but because she LOVES him!!

I hope she knows how much I admire and love her!!


cturley said...

Your mom is awesome!! Hey Tiff it gets better the older they get haha Hang in there:)

tenney_fam said...

You do have an awesome mother which is where you get all your awesome mothering skills from. You both amaze me and are such great examples. Love ya!

Taralee said...

and you are an AWESOME mom.
plus, i love those old-timer pictures! very classy.