Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break...

We had a GREAT spring break this year! We decided, kind of at the last minute, to take the kids to Flagstaff overnight. The Reidhead and the Owens Families decided to come along!! You should have seen the looks we got from people, especially when we were eating at Cracker Barrel. It was TONS of fun!

Feeding the deer at the Deer Farm in Williams...Brandon has been wanting to take our kids here forever and I'm glad I finally gave in.

The kids in front of the Camel

We made sure our hotel had an indoor swimming pool. I think we could have let them swim the entire time and they would have been ok with that!

On the way home we decided to stop by the Homolovi Indian Ruins. I'm not gonna lie...this was pretty boring, but it was still good to let the kids out of the car to run around!

BIG thanks to the Reidhead and Owens Families for not being afraid to take this adventure with us. We hope you know how much we love you guys!!!


tenney_fam said...

Looks like tons of fun . . . .but spending time with me would have been more fun! jk

Chamberlain family said...

Hey Tiffani, I wrote you on facebook too but I was wondering if you know of anyone that has a house or cabin that they would rent out to our family for the 4th? We've been looking around and haven't found anything so far.

debrajo said...

Wow! Look at that huge group of kids! Looks like fun!

I like the BB gun pics, too.

Shawna said...

Looks like a blast. Glad you got to go! That is a heard of kids!

Kristal said...

I never thought of Flagstaff as a get-away destination, but looks like you had a good time. Having to look after that many kids in the water would cause me severe anxiety. Just Sophie alone causes me great stress. Kudos to ya!