Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Feeling!!

Not sure how all of you felt as you watched the dedication of the Gila Valley Temple today...

But for me it was incredible!!!

It was amazing to see a different side to our Prophet, President Monson, and to his counselor, President Eyring!
I am so grateful we got to be a part of this wonderful event.

It seems impossible that it has been over 8 years since the Snowflake Temple was dedicated, I remember it so well since I delivered Porter a week later:) How grateful I am for the Temple, for the covenants we make there, for our Heavenly Father's plan, and for the power that binds our family for Eternity!!
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tenney_fam said...


cturley said...

I felt the same way! It was a great day!!

troy and melani said...

wish we could have been there..that is so neat and amazing! So beautiful!!