Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Porter's birthday we told him he could invite 5 friends to go out to eat and go bowling with. He picked Denin Porter, Rhett McLaws, cousin Trey, cousin Nate, and his brother Michael. He picked to go to Payson and eat at Chili's. We had a BLAST...these boys were a ton of fun and were very well behaved. We had a BLAST bowling and laughed a LOT!
Denin, Rhett, Trey, Porter, Nate, and Michael
Brandon and I with our birthday boy
Porter and his funky bowling!
Nate was hilarious to watch. He came in 2nd our 1st game with 108 points. Everytime he bowled he would put his hands on his hips, start walking backwards, and would say...'get a strike, get a strike!' He made us laugh!!!
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Jamilyn said...

So cute!!!! you have an amazing family! oh and you look AMAZING!

Shawna said...

Thanks again for Rhett - the kid is still talking about it. He loved it. Cute bunch of boys!