Thursday, January 28, 2016

My baby is FIVE!!

 Where in the world does time go?  I can hardly believe that my little Marzie Bearzie is 5 already.  She had a great birthday and was spoiled by all!!

She sure loves her Tim!
 She names her pink Hippo, Tippo!
 Her and one of her BFF's
She loved her Princess Cupcake Dress...thank heavens her Dad is amazing!

Morgon and the Spelling Bee

 Morgon participated and took 2nd in our District Spelling Bee.  He lost to Hannah Whipple who was an 8th grader(he is only in 5th).  We are super Proud of him!  I'm sure glad he got that smart gene from his Daddy.  

 He and Hannah went on to participate in the County Spelling Bee...They both got out on their first word so Morgon didn't feel so bad about it.  

Me and my boy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

EA Choir...

 Had the privilege of taking 8 of my High School Choir students down to Honor Choir at EA.  It was so much fun!  We had a few of the orchestra students ride down with us as well.  This being my first year I learned a lot!  

We got in pretty late the first night due to waiting in Cibicue for some of the basketball players.  The kids of course wanted to stop by the Gila Valley Temple.
 The Choir
 The choir kids plus the couple of orchestra kids that went with us. 
This was seriously such a fun trip...lots of memories made.
1.  Inappropriate Face Touch
2. Gummy Bears
3.  Color Coded M&Ms
4.  Pizza Hut
5.  Late night fun