Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heaven is...Our Awesome Tenney Reunion

 Thanks to Jami and Tim and their family...we had an AMAZING family reunion this year.  We usually have our reunions out at the ranch but one of the biggest downfalls to that is that people find excuses not to be there the entire time.  So Jami had a great idea to venture out and try a new location.  We ended up going to Brian Head, Utah to the SML Resort.  The place was seriously breathtaking with lots for the kids to do.  

We left a day early and stayed in Cedar City with Brandon's sister Michelle's family in their new BEAUTIFUL home!! 

 Love my kiddos!!
 My beautiful girls!
 Maron hanging with Uncle Mark
 Our families(minus emily and myself)
 Brandon and Michelle

Since we had stayed there the night before the reunion started and due to all the construction that everyone else ran into, we were the first ones up to the Resort.
Love my hubby!!
 The view from the balcony at the Resort
 Resort Manager with the baby deer he had found a few days before
 Can you tell Mr. Excited brought his happy pants to the Reunion??:)
 Lydia, Taelee, and Maron
 The eating Hall
 Kimi and Madi
 There was lots of pool playing
 Chef Brock
 Brielle, Maron, and Graci

The first night we were there we each had to perform a lip-sync song.  Seriously the funniest stuff ever!! 
 These three wore their wives pants and performed to the song 'Tight Pants'
 Jody and Chantel and their girls performed to Milli Vanilli's 'Blame it on the Rain'
 Randy & Cynthia's family did 'What does the Fox Say'
 Meet Jacob Beiber...hahahaha
 Jake's family all dressed up like justin beiber
 Maron and Graci...cousins are the best!!
 Cynthia and I

One of the highlights of the reunion was river rafting.  Brandon and I were in the front of the raft and i was dripping from head to toe!  Seriously the funnest!!  Tristen got thrown from their raft and that was quite nerve racking to watch:)   We had a tender mercy on the way to river rafting...about a mile from the turn off our car started sounding funny and we had a really bad flat tire.  We had been on the freeway going 85 prior to this and it could've been disastrous!!   
 Our river rafting group
 Our fam...morgon and paul were already in the car since they were freezing and the baby girls didn't get to go.
 These beauties went with the 2nd group...Maryssa, Emma, Tori, Maryah, and Brooklyn

Another highlight of the trip was renting the Cedar City Aquatic Center.  We had it for 2 hours all to ourselves.  The kids LOVED it...oh and so did the adults...well except for my mom who ended up having the most embarrassing moment of her life. 
 Cristian, Lauren and Baby Ella
Emma, Maryssa, Brock, Dallin, and Tori hanging in the jacuzzi
 Kim and Rory
 Maron, Slade, and Gracilyn
Maron and Miles...Maron learned how to float without hanging on to her Daddy!
 Smiley Miley! 

Lincoln...watching the big screen 
One of the biggest hits was the jacuzzi

Oh and the Foosball table
 Lewis and Porter became quite the friends
 We played awesome family games
 The guys getting ready to compete
 Started out with all of them
 top 4
 top 3...yep that's my nonathletic huband:)
 Boys will be boys
Poor Jody...all the men had battle scars but Jody had it the worse

 JT & Chace
 Balloon Toss
 Lexi...taking a nap
 Ben's Family
 Jody's Family
 Dave's family...we missed all their kids that couldn't make it
 Amanda's Family
 my mom and her awesome kids:)
 my beautiful sister and I
 Randy's family
 Jessi's family
 Trav's Family
 Lauren's family
 Beautiful Ladies
 Carly's Family
 Our Family
 Jake's Family
 Jami's Family
 Ron's family(well the ones that still live at home anyway)
Ron & Melz!

I truly have been blessed with an amazing family!!  Heavenly Father knew that I would need each and everyone of them in my life.  We missed my Dad but felt him close on more than one occasion.  Families Are Forever!!