Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SO not ready for this...


This wasn't suppose to happen so fast! Makes me SUPER sad!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annual Swim...

The kids always look forward to swim lessons every summer. This year 10 or our 12 kids were enrolled in the 2 week class. Even though I get sick driving to Snowflake everyday...it really has payed off for us. The kids all did really well this year and even Miles (who is not afraid of ANYTHING) did great!!
Tristen diving

Mr. Paul

Caden afraid to jump in, and Miles getting sick of waiting on him:)

Eva Jumping In

Crazy Morgon getting ready to hold his breath for 6 seconds

Porter in his HOT glasses

Caden doing his alligator eyes!

Zach moved up a class this year and did a great job

Amelia modeling her glasses:)

This picture of Michael CRACKS me up!!

Miles...not sure what he's doing:)

Miles and his favorite swim teacher, Caitlyn

Caden with Caitlyn

Morgon, Miles, & Caden with their Swim Teachers Caitlyn and Jacob...Caitlyn has been the pre-school swim teacher since we have been going there. The boys absolutely LOVE her!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I am really sad to say that I have NO photos of the 4th of July this year. Since we didn't have fireworks in Heber it just hasn't felt the same. We don't ever go to the parade or to the park. We always celebrate by having a BIG BBQ before the fireworks. We also usually take family pictures before the BBQ but when we didn't have the fireworks and weren't really celebrating we didn't get all decked out in our RED, WHITE, and BLUE:(

Regardless of whether or not we really celebrated here in Hebertown...I am still very proud to be an American. I am thankful for those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice on our behalf so we can have the freedoms we enjoy.

God Bless AMERICA!!!

I also want to publicly thank Les Parham (and all those that help him) for ALL the years he has dedicated his 4th of July weekends and all the hours spent in training for us to be able to have our amazing firework show and to awake to the anvil. It was truly missed this past weekend and I hope he knows that we really do appreciate him!!!
BOOOOO to those who took it away from us!!!