Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a RuNNer!!!!!

OK...not really!!! BUT...last year while attending Time Out For Women the lady that was the MC for the whole thing, who was quite a large girl, talked about how she was reading a Runners magazine and how just holding the magazine made her feel like a runner!! Well, this weekend 9 of us went up and ran in the Pinetop Cool Runnings run. Bruce, Shawna, Lori, Marinda, Allyssa, Carly & Jami all did the 10K, and Tara and I did the 2 mile Fun Run. Eventhough I didn't do the 10k I still feel like a RUNNER!!! I was proud of myself for doing it!!
A BIG Thanks to Tara for doing the 2 mile and sticking with me!!!
Carly, Jami, & Alyssa
I have to tell my sister how amazing I think she is!!! She will never know what an inspiration she is to me, not just in running, but in lots of ways!! The last mile and a half of the 10k was ALL up hill and she never stopped running!!!! Lori, Marinda, and I walked back down the route to find her and she was just headin up the last part of the hill, and it was so neat to see her still pluggin away at it. She is simply AMAZING!!!
Me and my awesome running partner Tara...dang I love this girl!!!!!

Tara, Bruce, Shawna, Alyssa, Carly, Jami, Lori, Me, & Marinda
Bruce, Lori, and Marinda all placed in there age groups!!!
I also have to tell Marinda & Shawna thanks for always encouraging me to keep going!! You guys are such amazing friends and I don't know what I would do without you both!!!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009


We had our first experience of Mustang PeeWee Wrestling tonight!! Porter was our only one to do it and he had lots of fun. It was fun to watch these little guys TRY to wrestle. It brought back lots of memories of when I would go and watch all of my brothers do this and have to wrestle against their best friends and their cousins. I will have to admit I have not missed watching wrestling that much, since all it does is give me ulcers!!!
Porter we are proud of you for trying it out!!!!
Porter wrestling Clancy Reynolds

Gettin Ready for the Take Down

Porter with his new shirt and medal

All the boys that participated!!!


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What a RAIN!!

Last week we got an AMAZING rain. I don't remember the last time it rained like this in Heber. My kids had a blast running through the puddles. I have more pics but they wouldn't upload so I will add them as soon as I can!
A pic from my porch
No that is not's HAIL!!
Caden enjoying the puddles
Morgon...had to get the crack shot:)
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

How grateful I am....

...For this BEAUTIFUL life I have been given!
  • For my BEAUTIFUL children that I have been blessed with!
  • For the BEAUTIFUL family I was born into!
  • For my AMAZING parents!
  • For a husband that thinks I am BEAUTIFUL!
  • For my knowledge of our Heavenly Father's BEAUTIFUL plan for ALL of us!
  • For my AMAZING friends!
  • For the MANY kisses I get daily from my AMAZING children!
  • For the AMAZING rain we have been receiving!
  • For my brother, my Savior, my friend!
  • For ALL of this I am grateful...and much much more!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Funny Story Time... children NEVER cease to amaze me:o)
So today while in my bathroom getting ready to head to Safeway to hit their 72 hour sale, (Brandon had hopped in the shower since he was covered in dirt & pine gum from getting wood for the widdows in our ward) we got a knock on our bedroom door from Eva saying that someone was here to talk to Brandon. So he hurried out of the shower, threw on some clothes, and headed outside. Waiting for him was a man in a truck pulling a trailer. The man asks "WOW, 9 kids huh?" (referring to all the kids on the lawn) and Brandon said, " atcually there are 11 of them!" and the man replied, "Your daughter said that her mom and dad were in the bedroom, so I hope I didn't disturb you in the process of making another one!!!"
Thank you dear daughter for telling people that your mom and dad were in the bedroom, maybe next time you could just simply state "they will be with you in a minute"!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

L*A*B*O*R Day WeekEnd....

Our Labor Day Weekend was EXTREMELY crazy busy!!!
It was filled with lots of this...
(Ginger & Steve's wedding)
And lots of this...
(Ron & Melz Family Pics & Kolten's baby blessing)
And TONS of this...

Chicken & Beans & Green Beans

Canning Hottie!

Canning 300+ cans of Wheat, Corn, Beans, Rice, Powdered Milk, Sugar, etc.

Ben up to his elbows in Powdered Milk

Workin on the Year Supply!!!

Love, Love, Love our annual CORN day!!!

Jessie & Alvin Shucking

My adorable dad...the SHUCKING KING!!

Our DE-Silking Crew!! Tristen was the Silker King!!
One of the Cuttin Crews...I think Nicholas won the Cutting Award!

Quinn stealing some corn...BUSTED!!!

Miles literally had like 6 pieces of corn...

But it made him SMILE!!!
We had a very productive Labor Day was great to be with family and to work together. We figure we shucked approx. 1000 pieces of corn and ended up with approx. 175 quart bags of corn. Not gonna lie...don't care to see or eat corn for a bit!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love these PuNks!!!

Just have to give a little shout out to two of my favorite boys!! Can't believe they are SENIORS!!! It makes me feel SO old to know that these boys will be leaving for their missions in a year! They are GOOD boys, both of them being on Seminary Student Council, and I look forward to following them around and watching them grow even more this year.

Chace & JT...remember your Auntie LOVES you!!!!!

Bubba Chace

Bubba T
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