Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Won't Wanna Miss This!...

 For the few of you that actually care that I blog...I Can't believe it's been a month since my last post.  But as you read below you will totally understand why I haven't had the time!  These picture are not in order but I'm too lazy to care:)

 Rachel opened her call here at our house!  PARAGUAY!! Super excited for her...we will miss her like crazy but know that she will be an AMAZING missionary!

LITTLE LEAGUE!!...Need I say more! 

 Aunt Tara helping Miles hit


Porter received his Arrow of Light!  And as Cubmaster I am super excited for the break that summer brings from scouts!
 Super proud of this boy!

 Love coming home to find this in my bed!  LOVE IT!!

 Maron, Porter, Morgon(sideways), Miles, and Amelia

Ciara invited the girls to go to a Tea Party out at Aunt Sylvias.  They had a BLAST!!
 Millie, Payton, Ciara, Eva

LOVE getting to spend time with this guy...which hasn't happened much over the past couple of months but that will be changing soon as the job he is working is coming to an end!

Ok so we have become really good friends with the AMAZING Burns Family.  Mike and Robyn, along with their 3 oldest kids, were baptized back in January.  At that time we didn't know them, but since then we have become inseparable.   They seriously have such an amazing story!  We will forever be grateful for their friendship!!
 Out fishing at the ranch!!

I Turned 34!!!
My awesome friend, Emma Williams, brought me this amazing birthday cake...and it was amazing!!! 

My hubby bought me these beautiful flowers from my sister Jami's new flower shop!  

Did I mention that we not only love fishing out at the ranch but we love Elder Johnson!  
 Miles and Johnson
 Maron with her future Husband...THE Elder Johnson!

 Porter Ran Track!

 Tristen Broke ALL FOUR FINGERS in his left hand!  Yep that's right folks...all four!!  He was goofing off in PE and did a flip on the high jump mats and came down on his hand wrong.  He ended up needing 2 pins in his pinky and they just reset the rest...warning...the following pics are kind gross!!

 Can you tell which hand is broke??

 After surgery...lets just say the pain meds were working GREAT!!!

We took him to get it casted last Wednesday and I had to grab a photo before he got his cast on!!!

Brandon got to go fishing at Lake Powell with my brothers.  Brandon caught the biggest fish of the weekend!  He was pretty proud.  They said it just wasnt the same without my brother Jake there and of course without my Dad!!

It's GaRdEn time again!!  I love working in the garden.  I'm not going to lie...it's just not the same without my Dad there, but I can promise you that we have felt him there with us!!

 Grandma Tenney with Taelee, Mallori, Maron, and Rudger
 They LOVE to help!!

 It was Mother's Day!  I personally think Mother's Day is completely overrated!!  It does make me reflect on what my mom has taught me and helps me remember why I am SO lucky and blessed to have the amazing mother I do!  Not sure how I would survive without her!!

 My beautiful flowers from Brandon.  There were 12 daisies and each one had a tag on it with my kids name on it!!  

And THAT is ALL that has been going on in our little corner of the universe!!!